Bittersweet, Behind My Mask


About me...

I am a young female from Perth, Western Australia. I have lived my life with severe depression, diagnosed at a young age (I think I was about 8). This exposed me to emotions not normally felt so severely. I had counselling, therapy, medication and all that. I found that the best remedy was a combination of the right medication and some sort of outlet. That outlet happened to be writing. Over the years I filled countless journals with my ramblings, sometimes not making any sense, but for the most part I was creating paragraphs of words with the most powerful emotions fuelling them. I decided to publish a book for just myself so I have something to hold if anything happened to my original journals. I came to the realisation that if my writing helped me, maybe they could help someone else who's struggling to find words for the way they feel. My goal is to publish a beautiful book for my safekeeping, and if someone else out there can benefit from it also would be great, but I'd never force my opinions onto the reader. Read my words, take what you will from them, interpret them however you like... It's up to you.

About the Book...


The book is a series of poems and pieces of creative writing from over the years, documenting the highs and lows of depression. The book is not narrative, has no added opinions, just raw emotion in text form. In the book  emotions such as happiness, love, lust and joy are expresses, all the way to dark loneliness, sadness, emptiness and isolation.

Don't let feelings consume you, read, write and create something with them...




You can be a part of the making of this book!

I am looking for all sorts/types of art for the pages of my book!

If you would like to submit art, just send me a snippet, I'll find a piece of text that will suit the theme of the art, and send it back to you for approval. As you may/may not know, I am self publishing this (not funded by a publishing company) I am asking for work to be submitted 'pro-bono' BUT you can have your name, title of your work, and a website or gallery name on the page your art is contained. I am writing a consent letter to prevent me using any ones art in a way that was not agreed and also to ensure that I will not be held liable for any sort of financial profit and to ensure that any art submitted is original.



I need your help, I am not asking for money (although donations will be returned with a book when it's done) but rather I need support, mainly artwork for said book (I draw like a three year old, still) I cannot pay artists for use of their work at the moment as I am funding this project out of my own pocket, but you will get full recognition of your work, not just a name in the cover, but your name in the actual page your art is on. I am looking for ALL sorts, and anything and everything will be considered.

  • painting
  • sketches
  • photos

More Info?


If you want to know more about it, please send me a message, email me, add me on msn or what ever you like ! Also, if you do decide to join me on facebook ("). Make sure you  leave a post on the wall, so I know we have a new member and I'll welcome you and fill you in!

Email me or add me on msn with   



The Book

When complete, the book will be available online through

Part proceeds will be donated to foundations furthering the research into mental health disorders. 


Dont Ignore The Signs

constant loneliness

frequent frustration

uncontrollable anger

feelings of worthlessness

unbearable sadness

suicidal thoughts


trouble sleeping

lack of concentration

appetite or weight changes

self imposed seclusion

feelings of emptiness

mood swings

trouble with memory

overwhelmed by little things

lack of motivation

new addictions

self harming




lack of pleasure in general 

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